Rose & Violet

Rose & Violet is a series of explorations created in order to challenge myself, my designs and how I create artworks.

The blooming flower presented in the video is filled with various different moving textures. Inside, you can observe an eye, looking anxiously at its surroundings. This artwork introduces an oneiric and surreal world where a fusion of beauty and madness meet.

Frame by frame of the blooming flower (made with Photoshop).

I challenged myself and animate shapes that I am unfamiliar with. Losange and hexagon.

This animation presents a bust from which tentacles emerge. The eyes show a certain boredom, the tentacles symbolize a confused spirit. I wanted to transcribe the impression of looking for something without knowing what or where to find it.

For this animation, I wanted to obtain a wavy effect without deforming an actual shape in order to add an organic feel to the parallel base.